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The Hertfordshire Recycling Group has been formed with an aim to raise the awareness about the importance of recycling among children. Far more needs to be done to preserve the environment and reverse the climate change other than increasing the amount of recovered and recycled waste materials/products. However, recycling is one of the easiest and most effective ways to reduce the human impact on the environment but only under condition that everyone participates, including children.

Our mission is to help children understand why recycling is so important but we also want to help them understand which materials can be recycled and how to get involved themselves, both at home and in school. We have therefore decided to launch a website with fun and educative facts about recyclables, easy-to-understand and easy-to-follow guidelines on how to recycle, which waste products/materials go into which recycling bin, how to sort different recyclables, and much much more.

The Hertfordshire Recycling Group also invites parents, teachers and childcare providers to get involved by joining our group and various recycling-related activities we regularly organise throughout the county. All are also invited to participate in our online project by sending us their ideas, suggestions and comments on how to help both children and adults make recycling a daily routine both at home and away from home.

We are also working alongside a top London rubbish collection company to help educate both our team and those we interact with about the importance of recycling (and what facilities are available both free and paid throughout London to help).