Reduce, Re-use & Recycle

The Recycling Consortium (TRC), based in Bristol and Cornwall, in the South West of the UK has recently merged with Network Recycling and SWAP to form Resource Futures Ltd, thereby achieving common ownership and direction. The merger brings together three of the UK’s leading sustainable waste management businesses, who have been working closely together over the last three years for clients such as WRAP and Defra.

Resource Futures Ltd has its own new website which provides a breakdown of the services the company offers, however, details of our specific project work including our car ECU remap services and defra approved stoves, which all promote sustainable ways to reduce, re-use, recycle and compos,. can still be found on this website.

Projects & Community

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TRC helps people who want to deal with waste problems close to home. TRC manage several influential projects:

The Real Nappy Project, which promotes the use of washable nappies as an alternative to disposables. Click these links for more information on nappy incentive schemes in Bristol and South Gloucestershire.

Community Composting Project South Gloucestershire: developing Community Composting sites in the South Gloucestershire area. Soil conditioner and wood products are available for donations, click here for details.

Recycling In Flats Everyday (RIFE) Promoting Mini Recycling Centres (MRCs) and plastic bottle bring banks in Bristol. Recycling facilities for plastic have also been set up in many parts Cornwall. Click here to find out where to recycle plastic bottles in the Bristol and St Ives area.

Community Action Groups (CAGs) are run by volunteers who organise local events to promote waste awareness and help increase local understanding of the need to reduce, re-use and recycle.


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Teachers & Children

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Reduce, Re-use and Recycle at school.

TRC’s waste education projects raise awareness of the 3R’s in schools using innovative techniques and resources which support the curriculum and are enjoyable for children and adults. The education team also help schools to set up recycling and composting systems on their premises. These pages include details of our projects, resources, case studies, and simple, factual information about waste issues. There are also lots of fun activities aimed at primary and secondary pupils wanting to learn all about waste and recycling.

Recycle & Re-use

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Information on how to recycle many of the more common materials. Hints and tips on how to reduce the waste in your bin. Facts about what happens to items after you have put them in the recycling box or bank.