Facts About Metals

Metals are used to make a wide range of products and are highly valued for their strength, durability, good electrical and thermal characteristics, availability and versatility. And what is equally important, all metals can be recycled. Over and over again. They don’t make up as much waste as other materials like plastic and paper for instance but they account for a significant amount of items thrown away on a daily basis.

Metal recovery and recycling helps keep the environment clean but it also benefits the communities and economy. Here are some interesting facts about metals and why their recycling is in everyone’s interest:

Aluminium Cans and Foil Account for Most Metal Recyclables in Household Waste

To help recover and recycle as many metals as possible, you should separate metal product from the rest of waste and drop them off at the nearest recycling bank. Aluminium cans and foil account for most metal recyclables in household waste, followed by aerosols, and metal tins and lids. Metals are also recovered from other waste products including electronics, old cars and white goods, to mention only a few. But since they are not made from metal only and may contain hazardous substances, they are collected separately.