Facts About Aluminium

Aluminium is a naturally occurring silvery metal that is used to make all sorts of things from cars to street lighting poles and variety of everyday items such as aluminium foil and cans. It is the most abundant of all metals and is found all over the world but most of it comes from Australia, West Indies and West Africa. Despite the fact that it is the most abundant metal, it is very important to separate aluminium products from the rest of waste in order for it to be collected and recycled.

Here are some interesting facts you may not know about aluminium and why it is one of the most important recyclables:

To sum up, recycling aluminium is good for the environment, for the communities and for the economy. So be sure to separate aluminium cans and aluminium foil from the rest of waste and put them in metal recycling bin at your local recycling bank.

Remember that there mustn’t be any food leftovers. Not only they create an unpleasant odour but they also interfere with the process of recycling. So rinse or wash the cans and foil before throwing them in recycling bin.